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Donate by mail

You can make a personal contribution to support Sandra’s campaign by sending a cheque made out to: “Jason Rotelick Committee to Elect Sandra Morin

Donations can be sent by regular mail to:

Attention: Business Manager

Committee to Elect Sandra Morin

19 Ortman Bay

Regina SK  S4T 7C6

Contribution rules:

  1. You must be a Canadian citizen to contribute to the campaign, regardless of your place of residence.

  1. Contributions may be accepted from Canadian citizens living outside of Canada. This may include a person serving in the armed forces, diplomatic corps, or similar employment outside Saskatchewan, or a person attending full-time study outside the province.

  1. Amounts of $249 or less may be donated anonymously, should you wish not to have your full name disclosed. Please indicate as such when making your donation.

  1. Amounts of $250 or more donated must include the disclosure of the full name of the original contributor.

Political donations to candidates are not tax deductible.

By making a financial donation by mail, you are designating your contribution to Sandra Morin, candidate for Regina Walsh Acres, for the 2020 Saskatchewan general election.

Do you have more questions about making a donation or wish to have your donation picked-up instead of mailed? Contact: or call 306-539-4792 (4RWA)

If you’d like to volunteer to support our campaign please connect with me directly.

  • 306.539.4792
  • 306.539.4792