Why change is needed

The Sask Party has taken for granted the residents of Regina Walsh Acres.

For far too long, our constituency was left without a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) and left without a voice in the provincial legislature. Why? Because the Sask Party refused to call a by-election, denying our community representation and the right to select a representative. After 13 long years in government, the Sask Party has shown that they ignore and take for granted the residents of Regina Walsh Acres.

The Sask Party squandered the boom and racked up debt, mismanaged our public services, rewarded friends through costly scandals like the GTH, and cut our public services in the years before the pandemic. It’s a record that leaves people behind, and it’s a playbook that can’t be trusted to deliver a strong recovery from the pandemic.

In times like these, we just can’t afford more of the same Sask Party.

It’s time to rebuild, renew, and put people first with Sandra Morin in Regina Walsh Acres.